Track everything in real-time from cost to engagement.

Identify purchasing trends and measure customer engagement from in-store and offline campaigns all in one platform.

Understand spend, traffic, engagement and acquisition rates for all your activities.

We talk the talk - and walk it as well.  Key to any campaign is the ability to gain deeper insights into campaign effectiveness, that is why all our campaigns follow the mantra ‘if it’s not measurable, it doesn’t exist’.

Measure Campaign Engagement

Dissect your customer's interactions with a campaign using shortened URLs, with our seamless integration with and

Access Procurement Audit Trails

Access historical records from user activity, transaction data, delivery timings, status reports layered across geographical, product and channel categories.

Connect Retail Intelligence

Connect your retail data with our seamless iBeacon traffic counter data integration, enabling multi-channel analytics across in-store and offline channels.

Analyse User Activity

Make fulfilment easier: with real time visibility of where an order is at, stock levels, proof of delivery and goods receipting information to ensure fast delivery at competitive costs.

Enable Web Insights

Our integration with Google Analytics measures landing page or website traffic by placing private annotations at the commencement of a campaign.

Identify Execution Status

Identify bottlenecks and measure timeliness of campaign execution from order to delivery. Our execution process keeps users informed across the job workflow.